Tomasz Konopczynski

With over 10 years of work experience in AI, machine learning, and image analysis, I am a passionate and innovative AI specialist and co-founder of NeuralSpike, a company that develops custom AI solutions for various domains and industries and Hetalox, a medtech startup that provides artificial intelligence solutions for advanced assessment and analysis of brain MRI studies.

I have a PhD in Computer Science from Heidelberg University, and multiple certifications in statistical learning, deep learning, and AI applications. My mission is to leverage my expertise and creativity to solve complex and impactful problems with AI, and to contribute to the advancement of the field through research and collaboration.

At NeuralSpike, I lead and manage the technical aspects of the AI projects, from ideation to deployment, working closely with clients and partners to understand their needs and expectations, and to deliver high-quality and scalable solutions. I also oversee the research and development of new AI algorithms and techniques, and publish the results in prestigious journals and conferences.

Previously, I have worked at various international organizations such as Hemolens Diagnostics, Tooploox, University Hospital Mannheim, Volume Graphics, Tietoevry, IMEC, Neurosoft, and the European Space Agency, enriching my experience and expanding my network within the AI and technology landscape.


  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence, 2015-2021

    Heidelberg University

  • MEng in Control Engineering and Robotics, 2012-2014

    Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

  • BSc in Control Engineering and Robotics, 2008-2012

    Wroclaw University of Science and Technology