About Us

NeuralSpike is a company distinguished by its substantial expertise in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Our founders possess a comprehensive background in the creation of AI software, demonstrating proficiency across the entire AI workflow, which includes data acquisition, annotation, model training, deployment, and monitoring.

What sets us apart is our adeptness in deploying AI solutions across diverse platforms, including edge devices, native applications, and web interfaces. This extensive capability positions us to effectively tackle a wide array of technological challenges, ensuring the delivery of innovative and tailored solutions.

Beyond technical prowess, NeuralSpike excels in team leadership, people management, and client communication. We pride ourselves on our ability to seamlessly adapt our expertise to your unique project requirements. This commitment guarantees the development and implementation of AI solutions that not only meet but exceed your specific needs and goals.

Partnering with NeuralSpike means entrusting your AI initiatives to a team that blends technical excellence with a client-centric approach. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and bring transformative AI solutions to your business.

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Realtime Semantic Segmentation

A real-time semantic segmentation models for identifying humans in video streams.

Image generation with Large Langugage Models

Developed a generative AI model capable of producing data from textual input

Medical Image Processing

We have an extensive backround in medical image processing.

Semantic segmentation for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous delivery robot project.

Teleoperation for autonomus vehicles

Teleoperation library for vehicles.

Parcel recognition system in warehouses

A parcel detection and tracking.

Plugin Networks (Research)

Plugin Network Architecture.

Food recognition for intelligent oven

We developed a food recognition model for intelligent ovens.

Patient monitoring - action recognition

An action recognition system tailored for monitoring senior individuals in nursing homes.

Pose estimation and segmentation for neuro-therapy

Enhancing recovery processes in neurotherapy.

People ReIdentification in crowded scenes

People re-identification project designed for theme park

Spectrometre calibration

European Space Agency