Michal Koperski

I am a co-founder and senior ML engineer at NeuralSpike. I specialize in solving various computer vision problems such as recognition, detection, and segmentation. I have played a key role in building a complete machine learning pipeline including data acquisition, model training, model maintenance, and model deployment. I have experience in model deployement on embedded devices, also for real-time applications.

I was a Post-doc at INRIA ( STARS). My research focused on: action recognition, action detection, codebook representation, multimodal representation (RGB + Depth), spatio-temporal attention, deep learning.

My PhD thesis was supervised by Francois Bremond, the thesis was a part of Toyota Partner Robot project. In this project, we focused on assessing people’s cognitive and behavioral status, based on daily-living activities monitoring.

During my PhD I was a research intern at Disney Research Pittsburgh, I worked on codebook representations for People Re-Identification.


  • PhD in Computing Science (Computer Vision), 2014-2017

    INRIA, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis

  • MSc in Computing Scienc, 2008-2009

    Poznan University of Technology

  • BSc in Computing Science, 2004-2008

    Poznan University of Technology